Our commitment to respect for the environment continues in 2021.


We continue to invest our time in the search for alternative ecological materials to those used historically. We sensitize customers to the use of paper and cardboard derived from forests managed in a correct and responsible way (FSC®), recycled, recyclable and post-consumer materials. We offer our customers innovative solutions to package their products always respecting our planet.

This year we decided to set calendars and agendas 2021 with the theme “plants friends of the environment” or plants that purify the air or water from toxic substances and that can help to better live our everyday life.

It is not only the illustrations designed and created specifically for our project by Laura Sartorello Illustration to follow this theme, the pages of our agenda are printed on paper “Shiro Tree Free” made by the Favini paper mill through the processing of renewable annual plants such as bamboo, cotton and bagasse. This paper does not have an FSC® certification, unlike the rest, because it does not contain tree cellulose.

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