Duegi Packaging

We build wrapped boxes for any product. Our main goal is customer’s satisfaction and appreciation for the high quality demonstrated.

More than 50 years of experience allow us to transfer our ability to the product, converting our know-how into added value to the benefit of customer. The primary goal is to find and realize the box desired.

We continue tirelessly the research and the experimentation that, over time, have taught us to select and use the best materials available in the market.

The innovative solutions we offer often reveal the trends of the market, allowing then everyone to meet everyone’s taste and expectations. We are known in every field of the market and we really aim to satisfy the most demanding requests. We know that boxes are not a simple packaging but a mean of communication indeed. Our philosophy is based on finding the perfect match between taste, desire, need and quality-price ratio.

Why Duegi Packaging

Boxes & packaging

From design to construction, the box is a marketing tool not only a mere packaging

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Think smart

Things are united by invisible ties. You cannot pick a flower without disturbing a star. Galileo Galilei

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Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail. Leonardo Da Vinci

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