We are sustainable also for the good of your business.


Sustainability has become an essential component for the success of any business strategy and the mitigation of the carbon footprint is one of the most important challenges in this field.

We won by choosing a simple, Italian project, certified to immediately mitigate our environmental impact: Forever Zero CO2!

Forever Bambù, a leading company in Italy for the planting of giant bamboo, has maximized the CO2 absorption potential of its 200 cultivated hectares of forests in Italy thanks to an exclusive agro-forestry management protocol. This result was studied and certified by Rina and the University of Siena: for the same surface area, Forever Bambù’s bamboo groves absorb approximately 36 times the amount of CO2 absorbed by a mixed forest, this means that one hectare of them absorbs 260 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of the carbon footprint of one million kilometers traveled by a medium-sized car!

With the Forever Zero CO2 service, Duegi packaging is now supporting 10 giant bamboo plants which reduce its carbon footprint by 210 tonnes of CO2 per year. The project will be supported by us for the next few years to offset our carbon footprint. This is a concrete project, the forests are in Italy and can be visited.

We want to look far ahead and be prepared for the decarbonization objectives of the UN Agenda 2030. We want to provide you with an increasingly green product, because a sustainable production chain is a successful supply chain!

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