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Since 1969, we have continued to grow, improve and innovate.

Duegi, boxes and packagings since 1969

DUEGI PACKAGING srl was born in 1969 under the original name Scatolificio 2G sas collecting the professional legacy of the former box factory Scatolificio Alessandro Bettin, founded in 1922. Our genes bring almost a century of experience in the field and we are strong with skills built and improved in decades of engagement and development. At the very beginning of its activity the company produced boxes for seeds to be sold in the garden centers of the nearby areas. The boxes were stitched by hand with iron stitches and contained enough soil to sustain the first buds of the plant.  

Usine de boîtes de Padoue

50 years of tradition and innovation

During the first half of the twentieth century, in the countries of the area that extends between Padua and Venice, better known as Riviera del Brenta (in honor of the river that crosses it all), there was a strong production development focused especially on the packaging of the shoes. Thus, for many years, the countries of the areas concerned have entirely devoted themselves to footwear production, expanding then themselves into the leather goods markets. Scatolificio 2G sas’ production was mainly addressed to the world of footwear almost until the end of the last century. Since 1995 on, a process of products differentiation was started by investing in what at the time were state-of-the-art automatic machines and, above all, in qualified and motivated employees. This led DUEGI PACKAGING srl to enlarge and diversify the production of the boxes no longer focusing on a single business but beginning to realize the importance of changes and internal developments. A real period of experimentation hence begins with the creation of boxes for jewelry, costume jewelry, eyewear, leather goods, shirts and gifts, up to the boxes for spirits, wine and perfumes – a slow process still under development nowadays. A technical office has been created within the company that allows us to reach the production stage by following all the necessary steps internally, without displacing them to others. Thanks to our knowledge and our constant training in the field we can now count on more self-sufficiency; moreover, with the help of new tools such as plotter for cutting and printing, we can make samples that are the exact replica of the production pieces. In addition, we have increased skills in the field of printing and pre-printing that were previously unimaginable. 2018 was the year of the change of our company name into the current one, while 2019 was the year in which we turned 50 under one single management – an extraordinary achievement that few companies can be fond of.Certainly, half a century is not a short period of time and, if we could celebrate this important event, we owe it to the spirit that, over the years, has led us to differentiate and discover new ways for our products. Our intention is certainly not to stop here but, rather, to continue to review and search for innovative solutions.

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