Lamination: eco-plastic solutions


Luxury Packaging Box Bio-based Lamination

The luxury boxes are built from materials developed to give the packaging a distinctive touch. These boxes can be rigid or collapsible and are finished using different finishing methods that are constantly developing.

One of the finishing techniques that protects the box and at the same time gives it a distinctive look is lamination; it can have a soft touch finish that creates a particular tactile sensation or give a glossy or opaque touch to the colours.

We always try to offer our customers more sustainable solutions with less impact on the environment. The lamination films that we apply on materials such as cardboard or paper sheets, which we use to cover the boxes, are mostly eco-sustainable, they give them rigidity and protection, prolonging the life of the packaging itself and making it ethical in any case.

Current environmental needs have led research to develop new solutions with protective films from plant materials that are biodegradable and recyclable.

This new sort of eco-sustainable lamination allows us to satisfy the creative needs of our customers; it can be customized using different pantone colors and subsequently ennobled with other printing processes such as offset or hot.

The innovative eco-plastic solutions, therefore, have all the characteristics to be used to create luxury boxes that respect the environment at the same time.

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