We arrived at the set destination of the journey that began during the storm of 2020. In the difficulty we made a space for ourselves and took advantage of the activities in Smart Working mode to make a period of acquiring knowledge and skills. After the first moment of listening and studying, we got involved with the outside world by having remote meetings with service providers. First of all, we made the decision to change the company name to DUEGI PACKAGING SRL to better internationalize our business. By meeting with our consultants, we carried out the tasks that the Certiquality auditors reported to us to renew the ISO 9001: 2015 certification and the FSC ® – Chain of Custody certification.

The news of the last hour is that we have worked and obtained from Cise (a new entity we have selected to further differentiate service providers) the ethical and social certification SA8000.

We have been examined for several days by external inspectors both remotely and in person, we have done very well, there are advantages and disadvantages, for better or for worse you get experience with which to live with given the particular moment we are living.

In difficulties, we got used to living with the situation created by Covid, we have developed and improved the use of our IT tools, remotely transmitting digital documents, produced photos, holding shared meetings, sending graphic designs in a professional manner, etc.

We can now be proud of the results achieved and are also ready to be judged.

Our ethical-social choice wants to lead us every day to improve and make our whole world even more beautiful and healthier.

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