UpCycling. Giving packaging a second life.

The events of our life, meetings, trips are full of emotions and memories that can be enclosed and preserved in one of our boxes. This can be a good idea to give a second life to packaging that would end up in the garbage.

Starting from the awareness of reuse, Upcycling has spread, i.e. the use of waste materials, destined to be thrown away, to create new objects that have a greater value than the original material, to which an artistic or environmental starting from what is often considered irrecoverable.

Recycling can work especially with packaging, who as a child never used an American box to make a toy car, a castle to play with or anything our imagination or creativity allowed us to dream?

Many sites have been created online (including Pinterest for example) and you can view photos or videos where you see the most diverse people giving a second life to packaging materials, especially paper and cardboard. So go ahead and let your imagination run free! We give a second life to packaging by using it as a container for memories, a divider in drawers, a pen holder or by transforming it into a game that children can have fun with.

A beautiful printed box, even if with a logo, is always pleasant and remains for years in the homes of those who definitely use it for a second time. It will always be remembered and will be the driving force for a future repurchase of the same brand.

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