Do you know the feeling you get when you unwrap a gift? Well, all the emotions felt in the moment you unpack a product for the first time and you are about to find out what it is, it’s unboxing! 

The exponential increase in online purchases has made this moment more and more important. Influencers, indeed, don’t present anymore their latest purchase or a gift received with some photos, they film the entire unboxing, showing every detail of the box. Nowadays, unpacking videos represent an increasingly popular trend, that has seriously grown the relevance of packaging. In other words, unboxing has actually become a powerful marketing tool used by companies to build customers’ loyalty and increase their brand awareness. For this reason, packaging design is a stage that can no longer be overlooked/ignored.

The packaging represents the first impression, it is the first element that will be judged by those who unpack and by those who look the video. How do you create a memorable unboxing experience that evokes emotions and recalls your brand values? Here are 6 tips from the DueGi Packaging Staff:

  1. Place the product correctly: it can be put in the center of the box, or alternatively, in a false bottom, if you want to reveal any optional product first.
  2. Use filler materials such as tissue paper, spongy or technical foams, which will help the product not to move during the transport, making the packaging even safer. 
  3. Prefer easy-to-open boxes with one hand to make it easier for influencers or clients to film/record the experience and share it with friends and family.
  4. Customize the box with an attractive design and the colors of your brand.
  5. Place a letter of thanks inside the box, as you can show the attention to details. 
  6. Add some free samples to make the experience even more special. 

Just a few tricks are enough to create the so-called WOW effect and impress your customers!

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