The meaning of Red


Red is a very warm color, which is why it is associated with fire, love, passion, in contrast it is also associated to anger, violence and war as blood carries this color. It causes an increase in blood pressure and the rhythm of breathing and has been shown to accelerate human metabolism, so it is important not to surround yourself whit this color to avoid fatigue or anxiety.

Envelopes of this color are used in china to give money, there it symbolizes prosperity and happen less and is said to attract good luck, which is why normally their wedding dress is red and not white, as they also use in India, where the red is a symbol of life and represent strength and vitality; In Japan it is a sacred and ritual color, which represent protection and vital energy, in particular the pair of white and red colors represent perfect balance and are symbol of good luck. In other oriental cultures it is usually combined with gold and silver to represent wealth and good luck while in South Africa it is the color of mourning, but also of awareness about diseases.

In design red can be very versatile, if used in the brightest shades it can be overwhelming and energetic, while in the darker shades it becomes powerful and elegant. If your brand is driven by strong emotions and want to easily capture attention, red is the color for you.

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