The meaning of Black


Black is the strongest of the neutral color, it is commonly associated to power, elegance, formality but even to refinement, the reason is that in the past centuries it was particularly difficult to obtain stable black tints, in some cultures it can instead be associated with evil, death, mystery.

In western countries it is the traditional color of mourning and rebellion, in Jewish culture is considered a bad omen, in the East, although white is traditionally a funeral color, black is now also considered as such. In India it is associated to darkness and depression, it is the absence of all colors; In China it is sinister, evil and represents the illegal, in ancient times it was associated whit the northern star and symbolized the northern and wester sky, power and immortality, but today it is linked to sadness and bad luck; in Japan black is mystery, night, anger and contrasted with white it often takes on the meaning of mourning and passage to the afterlife, it is also a symbol of strength and masculinity, which is why it is worn by samurai, over time, however, it has also taken on the meaning of elegance, seriousness and experience, which is why in karate the belt of masters is black.

In design it is commonly used in typography and in the text because of its neutrality, if used in packaging instead it can facilitate the transmission of a sense of mystery and refinement. It can be conservative and modern, traditional or unconventional depending on how it is combined with other colors. The black logo is perfect if the brand is defined by mystery or audacity, if the target audience is agile and modern, if its presence in the market is impressive and recognizable.

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