riciclo e riciclaggio

Recyclable & Recycled


Scatolificio 2G is aware about the deep importance of the waste issue. The consumptions’ growth and the urbanization’s development increased the waste production and reduced the uninhabited areas where it was usually disposed. Moreover, citizens’ irresponsibility and bad habits worsened this problem. In this view, Scatolificio 2G saves as much recyclable resources as possible from the mass production waste and sends them back to the paper mills where they’re re-used to produce recycled cardboard. After several steps, the material sent back becomes an useful mean to prevent the generalized deforestation. As users of by-products of cellulose we feel responsible in our social background and try our best to contribute to the resources’ recycling; we commit ourselves to avoid big concentration of waste which could cause negative consequences on the environment.

Civil society shows great intention to reduce the use of packaging materials. In luxury field (where we commonly work) we use both recycled and FSC® certified materials, that is, completely traceable because derived from a correct management of forests.

To Scatolificio 2G packaging not only makes each item exclusive but enriches it also its aesthetic level by means of fine and precious solutions. We always talk about re-use issue to our clients and let them be aware that boxes can be also produced with this intent as an alternative to the one-way use. Considering it as multi-functional, a fine and branded box will continue its vital cycle both if it’s given an original utilization by keeping its commercial one and if it’s even considered an ordinary object of common use.

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