logistica numeri



To Scatolificio 2G, industrial logistics’ main goal is the management of products flow from supplying sources to final clients both in physical and computer point of view; in this way, orders’ management starts from its recording up to the confirmation of the agreed delivery date.

Production and distribution are directly linked to the logistics, which executes practically what’s previously been defined by supporting activities like arranging the freight and managing the warehouses. Service is then completed by our high skills in customer service: indeed, clients delegate us to check all the information flow from origin to consume site and we work in order to comply it as much as possible to their requests. On the other side, the evolution of the traditional job keeps on going on as some clients already cooperate with us on live by checking the flow of raw materials, semifinished and finished products through good digital instruments.

Logistics’ role becomes more and more important as its main goal is to finalize the steps of the production process. The improvement of flow management and the overall supervision of the goods evolution process let us improve a lot the distribution chain; at the same time, the awareness that involving third parts in all this process is also fundamental let us simplify its management and keep the undertaken agreements.

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