Can you imagine if with your packaging, a potential consumer could quickly access many contents such as videos, information, contests or games, simply by scanning it with the smartphone?

Today, all this is possible thanks to technologies such as the augmented reality, which consists in the overlapping of digital images with real images; this allows to enrich the real world and make it more attractive, improving the shopping experience. In this way, new ways of interaction and communication are created between the brand and the customer.

In the last two years, augmented reality has grown by 120%; for this reason, more and more companies are working to innovate their packaging.

For example, Cadbury, a well-known producer of sweets and chocolates in the United Kingdom, during Christmas 2021, launched an active packaging: by scanning the QR code placed on the chocolate wrapper, customers could open their advent calendar online, and start exploring a world made of interactive winter landscapes.

The packaging of the future will inevitably be connected: technology is advancing rapidly and consumer habits are clearly moving towards the digital direction.

A smart packaging involves four important benefits:

  1. 1. Intensifies the desire to buy;
  2. 2. Increases consumer loyalty;
  3. 3. Improves brand perception and reputation.
  4. 4. It collects data in real time and provides more measurable results, improving customer knowledge.

As professionals in the field for over 50 years, we must anticipate industry trends and support our customers in facing the change. Once we have understood your needs, we will be able to create innovative and customizable solutions, through the insertion of QR codes addressed to playlists, recipes and other multimedia sources.

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