Fondazione città della speranza

We decided to sustain the work of the Association Città della Speranza


As well as in 2020 we decided to sustain the work of the Association Città della Speranza for the well-being of children.

Since 1994 Fondazione Città della Speranza has aimed to improve care services and assistance for children with oncohematological diseases, and to support scientific research in pediatrics. The first major accomplishment was the construction, in 1996, of the new Pediatric Oncohaematological Clinic in Padua, followed two years later by the Pediatric Day Hospital and the first research laboratories. To guarantee to the child and his family an high-quality care along the diagnostic–therapeutic iter, Città della Speranza supports the Clinic – national reference center for the diagnosis of leukemia, lymphomas and sarcomas, recognized by the Associazione Italiana di Emato-Oncologia Pediatrica (AIEOP) – by financing the advanced diagnostics, the Sickle Cell Disease Team, the psycho-oncology service, and by meeting the needs of the structure. To give new answers in terms of care, in 2012 Città della Speranza has realised the Pediatric Research Institute, the Europe largest research center in this field. Thanks to its multidisciplinary approach and facilities, it aims to become an international reference point.

You can contribute via the following bank accounts: INTESA SAN PAOLO – AG. PADOVA IBAN IT 92B 03069 12115 074000338433 Reference: Fondazione Città della Speranza

Tel. 0445 60297

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