Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


In a week it will be Christmas Day, a December 25 different from the established tradition that comes at a critical moment that is developing without seeing an end and in the absence of that contact of humanity that we miss very much. We are distant but still close, virtually connected in everyday life, we believe it is positive the proper use of technological equipment to speed up processes, to confront before any meetings, avoiding to move, limiting to consume resources, to take risks to deliver what was commissioned. We are organizing to be as precise as possible, finding the desired gradients will be the mission. We are all waiting for this 2020 to end, it has been a year full of criticality that will probably get us out better. Union is strength in a moment of social detachment. By themselves you do not overcome the difficulties, everything has changed as communication has become normally at a distance. The virtual products are all usable and increasingly rich in features, after various searches, even just visual thanks to the boxes, there are those who find the treasure.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the collaborators of Scatolificio DUEGI, the closer we will be, the stronger we will become.

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