Anyone who has found himself, in one or more moments of his life, reading the back of a package, an instruction booklet or a guarantee certificate, He will have come across more or less voluntarily a sequel of acronyms and numbers for the most difficult to decode and cryptic meaning.

Those “acronyms” for those who work in a company like ours are the guarantee of a job in accordance and well done: they are called, certifications and certifications are, for the company, a unique and universally recognized way to guarantee to itself and to third parties the highest standard in terms of quality, whether it refers to the way in which it manages the workflow, the type of materials used or the quality of the finished product.

All certification procedures shall include a design, preparatory, drafting and application phase culminating in the completion of all these phases, with a verification of correct application of the management system realized by a Certifying Body through an authorized inspector.

Specifically, in order to pursue objectives of continuous improvement of its organizational system and customer satisfaction, we at DUEGI PACKAGING srl have decided to follow a Quality Management System adopting the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, thus following the standards dictated by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) body that develops international standards by establishing standards and UNI , (Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione) point of reference for those who want to respect, in any industrial sector, specific technical standards of quality, environmental management and safety at work.

The ISO 9001 standard is a management tool based on systematization and formalization of tasks in order to give homogeneity to the finished product or service rendered, to comply with the specific requirements of the customer, ensuring a product or a quality service.

Through the adoption of this certified method, we try to implement and maintain proper communication systems with all stakeholders, making documentation lean and effective and, at the same time, ensuring the efficiency of plants and equipment through preventive maintenance activities, in order to minimize any disruption to both the customer and the supplier. We are the first to believe in the added value that workers provide by following a careful and responsible management and we are in favour of creating a business climate conducive to cooperation and involvement of people.

Since ours is a product included in the supply chain of products of wood origin and our company has always been particularly aware, sensitive to the issue of environmental protection, the desire to implement our certifications arose spontaneously, obtaining and maintaining a certification scheme according to the FSC® standard, attributable to the conscious management of forests, which we have also discussed here.

The certification FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council), we recall, is an international certification, independent and third party, specific for the forestry sector and products – wood and non-wood – It is the main guarantee mechanism for the proper management of forests and the traceability of derived products such as, for example, paper, of which we make wide use. It is an international certification system that ensures that the raw material used to make a wood or cellulose product comes from forests where strict environmental, social and economic standards are respected.

With a view to perpetual improvement, both as a company and as human beings eager to cooperate synergistically with each other, we are working to obtain a new certification, the SA 8000 (technically SA8000:2014; SA stands for Social Accountability) which identifies an international standard aimed at certifying certain aspects of corporate management related to corporate social responsibility or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), such as respect for human rights, respect for workers’ rights, the protection against the exploitation of minors, the guarantees of safety and health at work, all topics widely treated and deepened in our Code of Ethics, constantly updated on our website.

Being a cutting-edge company means not only being pioneers in environmental protection and adopting standards that bring benefits to processes and general performance, it means first of all being a company that gives importance to the well-being of those who contribute every day to making DUEGI PACKAGING srl a safe place to work and always offer the best in quality and efficiency.

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