To create an eco-friendly box, DUEGI uses an eco-green glue.


The raw materials of the planet are not infinite, so we are very sensitive to limit the waste of noble resources available in the future by an increasingly large population.

Protein-based glues: an ancient tradition for a green future

We have always thought it, we have said it several times and we put it into practice every day: the real change lies in small actions and that is why we are always looking for environmentally friendly materials for our supply chain, choosing, for example, protein based glues to produce our boxes.

The first attested use of glue can be traced back to about 3000 BC in Egypt; since ancient times man has therefore turned to the natural world in search of elements that allowed him to create adhesives, identifying animal waste as the basic ingredient from which to obtain a compound with a high adhesive power on different materials.

Starting from a common base, all these glues, depending on the preparation and purification treatments, varied, giving rise to the so-called “strong glues” for less purified qualities or “gelatine” The purest ones, consisting exclusively of collagen and progenitors of the most up-to-date fastening systems.

A really eco-friendly box is recognized (also) by its glue

After a long period in which the chemical industry was dominant in the production of adhesives, in quite recent times research has shifted towards a recovery of forgotten techniques, to create products that are competitive in terms of performance but with the plus of being 100% natural, ecological and recyclable, characteristics that are, in fact, the prerogative of our entire production chain.

The protein glue is obtained by adding to the by-products derived from waste tanneries and slaughterhouses, antibacterial substances and antifoam agents: the result is a gelatinous product that, once dissolved at 60% turns into a versatile adhesive, Resistant, easy to use and soluble only to water so, once dried, it is a barrier to waxes, fats, oils and is ideal for use on paper and cardboard.

By choosing this type of adhesives, we also have the possibility to drastically reduce the amount of all the special waste emitted by the food industries of animal origin and by the companies that treat and produce hides, using these wastes in a sustainable manner with the aim of reducing environmental impact and preserving human health.

Quality that continues over time

Our most trusted suppliers share with us the principle of a company strongly oriented towards sustainability, giving us the concrete opportunity to combine our Green soul with excellence. Working with leading companies in the sector gives us the advantage not only of having products controlled from the outset, but also guarantees us the safety of always having the maximum performance available, as all their products are specifically formulated to give the maximum in terms of adhesion even if tested with the most difficult materials.

Our goal: to anticipate the future from now on

In a present crowded by an increasingly vast and varied commercial proposal, in which online commerce is reaching dizzying numbers constantly increasing, our goal as an integral part of this process is to always be at the forefront of sustainable choices and opt for protein glues combined with recycled and recyclable paper and cardboard, is a further step towards a totally eco-friendly product.

Our search for sustainability continues every day, in order to be always at the forefront and provide a proposal more and more Green keeping all our principles firm, because only through an ecological way of thinking can we truly preserve the world around us and guarantee a future for humanity.

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