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In our identity, in our genes, there are values ​​that marry with current needs, the eco-sustainability required for environmental protection, for social protection and for a business based on ethics.

We mainly produce coated boxes. They are precisely those boxes constructed with solid cardboard, not corrugated, coupled and coated with paper.

All the materials we use are completely recyclable, even the heat-sealing tape that keeps everything glued is produced in paper. The material used mainly and in terms of weight is gray cardboard which is the recycled par excellence. We then carefully choose the papers with which we are going to match it for the inside or to cover it for the outside, they are essential for the success of the package.

Not all papers are suitable for paper processing, they undergo stresses in processing and often we need the paper to contain fiber to give substance to the product. This has historically led to the exclusion of the use of recycled paper because it does not contain enough fiber inside and when in contact with the glues it literally unravels, losing nerve. The bigger the box is, the more fiber it needs to stay planar.

New legislation on recycling labeling

The objective set by the EU for this year is to be able to recycle 74% of paper overall, a goal possible only if effective management of separate collection is guaranteed, reducing exports of paper for recycling outside of the European Union, but also increasing the sensitivity in both producers and consumers who must be instructed on the correct disposal of the container of contents. All our actions, even the smallest ones, can really make a difference, transporting us and the new generations towards a truly green future.

The new laws require correct identification of materials by the entire supply chain concerned up to the end user of the packaging. This is done by reading the labeling on the packaging which has become mandatory since September 2020.

In particular, the standard requires that all packaging be “appropriately labeled according to the procedures established by the applicable UNI technical standards and in compliance with the determinations adopted by the European Union Commission, to facilitate the collection, reuse, recovery and recycling of packaging. , as well as to provide consumers with correct information on the final destinations of packaging “.

Our boxes must bear the PAP 21 logo (a triangle formed by 3 darts that follow each other with the number 21 in the center) and on the products sold in Italy also a clear writing “Raccolta Carta”. This will be the future, there will no longer be products on the market without labeling and all the hypotheses are currently being examined.

Duegi Packaging has been FSC® certified for 10 years

In aid of the Green conscience that has always accompanied us, we have decided to certify ourselves according to the international FSC® standard, attributable to the conscious management of forests. Since our product is an important subject in the supply chain of wood products, the choice was made also and above all to raise awareness among customers and end users on the importance of fair and credible management of forest resources. We have been pursuing this path for ten years now, when the ethics of the green was not so pressing and requested even by consumers.

Our box remains intact for reuse even after its actual use, always invite the consumer to reuse it by sensitizing him. This allows for subsequent marketing after the sale of the product, a box that lasts over time is synonymous with quality, even with what it contains.

We continue to ask ourselves the ethical question about the type of raw material used, we are focused not to contribute to creating industrial waste by wasting noble resources such as paper which for us remains the raw material par excellence. We are conscious consumers of materials that during our processing are separated, recovered, sorted and delivered for the regeneration of new cardboard.

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