Packaging box drink & food

When it comes to packaging box for food and beverage sector we manufacture custom boxes in order to add value to your products. Our rigid box are designed to protect and at the same tame showcase your products in a original way. We collaborate with world’s leading paper mills as paper is an essential component in packaging industry. There is a variety of cover materials from coated and uncoated finishes, soft texture or embossed surface to kraft and recycled papers. We offer support to our clients; years of experience in this business is guarantee of know-how and quality. Our team can also develop customized internal trays to hold in a place your products taking care of every single details. We can produce different type of boxes, classic two piece bottom and separate lid or two doors rigid slide solution. DueGi scatolificio understands and meets clients needs providing them with tailor made solutions.

Retail luxury Slipcase packaging box


Rigid Handover packaging box

Scatole per alimenti

Hinged lid shoulder packaging box

Scatole cofanetto bottiglie e bicchieri

Hinged lid packaging box

Boxes printed

Three piece shoulder packaging box

Scatola fondo coperchio alimenti

Bottom and lid packaging box

Scatola alimenti con coperchio trasparente

Confectionery Box with PVC transparent lid

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