Cosmetic packaging box

It is very important for all kind of products to be displayed in exceptional way, especially when it comes to cosmetic products. Our bespoke cosmetic rigid boxes are designed in collaboration with our clients and in order to create solutions that will be memorable through time. A well-design packaging can help the product stands out. We also create customized inserts solutions to hold items securely inside the box. Our dedicated and experienced team are at your disposal to help you develop your project and ideas. We understand the importance of making commercially tailor made packaging. There are many possibilities among papers and ennobling finishes, from UV spot varnish to recycled and FSC *r* labelled materials. Our clients are welcome to visit us and to choose with our help what suits them best. We manufacture any type of rigid cardboard packaging for your cosmetic products from skin care creams and moisturizers, lipstick, perfumes to lotions and more. With years’ experience we can supply you with any kind bespoke packaging, from two piece bottom and lid box to shoulder neck or slipcase boxes, in line with your brand identity.


Retail Handover packaging box


Luxury Slipcase packaging box

Shoulder packaging with cardboard base

Scatola cosmetici tre pezzi cofanetto

Hinged lid packaging box

Bottom and lid packaging box  – Four piece

Bottom and lid packaging box – Four piece

Scatola per cosmetici fondo coperchio 3 pezzo

Shoulder packaging box

 Luxury boxes

Bottom and lid luxury packaging box

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